Bad Credit Mortgage Calgary


Have you wondered if your company was doing well? Maybe you are making money and unaware of upcoming issues. The company grows quickly, and more capital is needed to pay for your operational costs.

Or are you buying a company and looking at the cashflow and balance sheet. You think all is well and you buy the company. But, after a year, the company goes bankrupt.

Wouldn't it be nice having something that could keep you from upcoming pitfalls?

We have the solution.

Unity Global has a Detailed Financial Performance Report (DFPR) that helps you …

  1. Identify strengths and weaknesses financially so that you can improve operations and financial structure of your company.
  2. Help struggling companies to get a framework for planning and turnaround strategies.
  3. Find trends before they grow into problems.
  4. Compare business performance to other industry peers.
  5. Be better prepared when seeking a bank loan or other alternative financing.
  6. Investors and/or Lenders can assess the risk of extending credit to prospective clients or extending credit to new or existing customers.

Here is an outline of what is in the report …

To get your detailed Financial Performance Report (DFPR), just follow these 3 easy steps:

  1. Call or email .
  2. A representative will contact you with details.
  3. Get your Detailed Financial Performance Report (DFPR).
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